The peaceful location of the Marold Street is a source of delightful tranquillity, while the city around is dynamically bustling with life. The city centre is within your reach. At any time you can get impressed by the refinement of the historic palaces, as well as the natural beauty of the Grébovka or Folimanka parks.

The district of Vršovice, which is almost around the corner, attracts you with its entertainment, culture and sports, education, gastronomic delights or shops. In recent years, the location has come alive with many pleasant places; in addition to stylish cafés, bistros and bars, there are also bakeries, farm shops and packaging-free shops which smell nicely here. In the vicinity of the residential house you can do shopping and official business. Everything you need is available here because every minute counts. The Horky tram stop is a 5-minute walk away, and the Vršovice railway station is 10 minutes away.
Within a 10-minute walk from the residential house is the Jezerka Park, which with its well is one of the most memorable, literally mythical places of Prague 4. In the First Republic period, a popular garden restaurant with a dance hall was established in the old homestead. Today, the popular Na Jezerce Theatre is located in the middle of the park.

7 min shopping center Arkády Pankrác by car
20 min walk along the Botič stream to the Grébovka orchards
10 min walk to Vršovice railway station